Formulation Development And In Vitro Characterization of Atorvastatin Buccal Patches

  • Thella Ashok Babu Department of Pharmaceutics, M.L. College of Pharmacy, S. Konda-523101.
  • A.Naganjaneyulu Department of Pharmaceutics, M.L. College of Pharmacy, S. Konda-523101.
  • K.Thejomoorthy Department of Pharmaceutics, M.L. College of Pharmacy, S. Konda-523101.
  • P.Sreenivasa Prasanna Department of Pharmaceutics, M.L. College of Pharmacy, S. Konda-523101.


The present investigation is concerned with the development of the Atorvastatin buccal films, which were designed to prolong the buccal residence time, to increase penetration through buccal mucosa and thus increase the bioavailability. Various formulations were developed by using release rate controlling film-forming polymers like Gellan Gum, HPMC E5, and HPMC E50 in various combinations using plasticizer PEG 400. The prepared films were evaluated for the number of parameters like physical appearance and surface texture, weight uniformity, the thickness of the films, folding endurance, swelling index, tensile strength, drug excipients interaction study, content uniformity, in-vitro drug release study. The FTIR studies indicate that Atorvastatin showed-complete entrapment within the polymer carrier bonding is suggested, and there was no chemical interaction. From all the formulations, F8 shows 98.24% of drug release at the ends of 8hr and chosen as optimized formulation and which follows zero-order release with non-fickian transport.

Keywords: Atorvastatin, PEG 400, HPMC, FTIR, Gellan Gum


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